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Dermizax™ is a waterproof, windproof, and wicking membrane that is specially developed to provide protection against all kinds of weather while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Dermizax™ membrane is a hydrophilic material that utilizes moving molecules, as opposed to most other membranes which have micropores. This offers a number of advantages and makes Dermizax™ shell clothing the very best on the market thanks to its high performance and superior durability.



The Dermizax™ membrane is extremely flexible. It has an elasticity of more than 200%. In practice, this means that the membrane can be stretched up to twice its own length in four directions. This ensures that Dermizax™ garments are very comfortable to move in, while reducing the risk of delamination during extreme activities.

The moving polymer molecules also move faster at high temperatures or a high activity level. This means that breathability improves when you get hot and sweaty. When it is cold and you wish to retain excess heat, the polymer molecules slow down and the heat loss is reduced to a minimum.

The Dermizax™ membrane does not have micropores that can be obstructed by dirt, or by salt crystals from salt water. It also prevents water from sticking to the pores and expanding when the temperature drops below freezing point. Dermizax™ retains its unique functions even when dirty and after many years of use.

The high quality of the membrane endures even after innumerable washes with regular washing powder. In contrast, the quality of materials made from micropores deteriorate after each wash as the ceramic particles of regular washing powder clog the pores.


The water column, i.e., the value of waterproofness, is min. 20,000 millimeters for Dermizax™ materials.

Breathability is up to 30,000 g/m2/24h for 3-layer Dermizax™ and up to 40,000 g/m2/24h for 2-layer Dermizax™.

The Dermizax™ membrane is continuously developed, which means that we are able to offer new and improved products each year.

There is basically no need to impregnate Dermizax™ garments. The garments will retain their waterproofness even after long-term wear and tear and innumerable washes in a washing machine. However, it may be beneficial to reimpregnate the outer fabric to ensure that the garment surface repels water more quickly and that it maintains its good breathability.


If you wish to do so, we recommend using impregnation intended for breathable synthetic materials. The Dermizax™ membrane will nevertheless remain waterproof and breathable as it is well protected on the inside of the outer material.

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